Schema is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy and the inspiration of Dimitra Chrona, a designer with over 18 years of experience who has worked and lived on both sides of the Atlantic. Born in Athens Greece and trained in New York’s Rochester Institute of Technology where she studied Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Philosophy, she launched her career at Saatchi & Saatchi Ad agency as a junior art director. Empowered by her experience yet very proud of her Greek roots and deeply influenced by the aesthetics of Classical Greece, she decided to return to Athens following her dream to open Schema design studio.

Today, with a portfolio of long-term clients and projects reaching destinations in the European and US markets, Schema is taking a step in a new direction. Seizing the opportunity to open new professional horizons in Montreal - without leaving the beauty of Athens behind by operating bilaterally - Dimitra organized a creative team of specialized associates to join her in offering comprehensive services across many disciplines from brand identity, publications, interiors and 3D design to websites and digital experiences. The possibility to create with an award-winning photographer, English language creative writer, 3D animator and digital tech expert along with the conviction that great design happens with passion, intelligence, and personal commitment, is the driving force behind Schema.




Dimitra grew up in Athens, Greece and received her formal art education at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. Her diverse career has lead to her working with leading design companies and clients across a wide range of industries on both sides of the Atlantic. As Creative Director and Founder of Schema, she puts 19 years of experience to work creating premium design. From branding real estate to designing interiors and websites, she brings a commitment to beauty and functionality to every project. Her fascination with maps is one of the most influential elements in her design career. As a kid, she loved the maps that arrived tucked into issues of National Geographic magazine and would spent hours observing and sketching maps. She finds inspiration in Cartography -the study and practice of making maps- which uniquely combines science, art and technology in order to communicate information effectively turning it into something tangible and useful.



Costas studied at AKTO Art and Design College in Athens. He has over 18 years experience in creating 3D Renderings & Animations for the top Architecture Firms in Greece. He has worked on some of the most prestigious and ambitious projects producing elaborate presentation renderings for conceptual and realized design work. With broad interest in technology and a passion for exploring new paths for visualization, he specializes in 3D Architectural modeling, Texturing, Rendering, 3D animation and is very experienced in Architectural lighting. Toward accurately representing reality, Costas has been deeply influenced by Greece’s radiant light which allows for things to be seen as they are, not as they appear. He carefully observes his surroundings where all color-values are preserved, every surface is clearly distinguishable and all forms are sharp and clear. On the other hand, his love for free-diving in the deep blue Aegean Sea allows him to observe the way light changes under water creating the typical under water 'atmosphere' offering additional creative possibilities in his renderings.



Mary Linda, has lived and worked in the U.S. and Europe. With a BA in English literature and postgraduate studies in Classics, she first came to Greece on a student program sponsored by the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Passionately influenced by the history and culture of Greece, she decided to stay and build her career as an English language copywriter under the shadow of the Acropolis. Her early career includes copywriting positions at international advertising agencies before opening her own office, the CopyShop, providing freelance creative copywriting services for a diverse range of clients. She has written advertising copy for many prestigious hotels in Greece, as well as contributed articles for in-house magazines, such as the Astir Hotel Magazine. Her 20 year experience includes the communications for many web sites, music lyrics and documentary film scriptwriting. She is a member of AEPI, Helllenic Society for the Protection of Intellectual Property and the Screenwriters Guild of Greece. She has written the scripts for two documentary films on award-winning director Theo Angelopoulos. ‘Filming Dreams’ was awarded Best Documentary, Cyprus Film Festival; London-Greek Film Festival).



Dimosthenis was raised in Montreal where he studied software development at Concordia University. He spent nearly two decades as a software developer and project manager designing and developing applications for some of the world's most innovative corporations, such as Intel, Texas Instruments, Nortel / Ciena, STM - Société de transport de Montréal / Alstom, National Instruments, Ultra TCS, IMETRIK and Jarden. He brings a huge amount of experience in overseeing the successful delivery of all technology related projects and plays a key role on projects that require complex solutions. He has over 18 years of experience using a range of programming languages including C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, LabView, TestStand, LabWindows/CVI, Measurement Studio and MS Visual Studio. He is naturally creative, looking at problems that are best solved by thinking 'out of the box’. As a talented musician, creative thinking is part of his daily experience. He is as proficient at shredding through guitar solos, as writing complex code.